Comment Policy

It’s evident that when I write a blog post, it’s from my perspective. However, once it’s out in the open, it becomes a shared point of view with you, the readers, and it’s your point of view that drives the conversation around a post. Sometimes you’ll agree with me, and sometimes you won’t. That’s why the comments section after a post is such a fertile environment for new ideas.

I don’t mind if you criticize my beliefs. Heck, I’m large and ugly enough to snap your pictures, plus it indicates that you care about what you’re doing – and I never discourage passion.

After all, I’m the one who elicited that response, so if it’s an attack, let’s get it out in the open (although keeping it respectful would be nice).

Attacking other commentators, on the other hand, I will not tolerate. They’re similar to you in that they’re simply providing a different perspective on the matter at hand. Attack me if you want; the blog is my house, and I’m accountable for what happens inside as the owner. Attacking another commenter, on the other hand, isn’t appropriate.

I’m a firm believer in an open comment policy; I don’t edit comments before they’re published because I believe it discourages actual connection and conversation. It appears that most people agree based on the talks that have taken place over the months.

Let’s maintain it that way. As I already stated, you are free to attack me if you like; as the initiator of conversation, I am open to all points of view and statements. But, please, treat the visitors (which includes you) with respect. Otherwise, you will be filtered and eliminated in places where I believe it is appropriate. If you continue to be abusive, you will be blocked.

Slanderous or libelous statements are also not tolerated in comments. I’m responsible for what’s put on this blog as the owner, thus I won’t tolerate allegations that could lead to legal action — these remarks will be removed.

Let’s also keep bigotry, hate, sexism, profanity, and all the rest of it off this page. If you’re looking for it, go to a comparable site. Please don’t put affiliate links in the comments; instead, point to any blog entries you’ve written regarding a specific affiliate program.

Sound fair?

Oh, there’s one more thing. Please, no SEO-driven keyword names. Because of the Do-Follow arrangement, you’ll get a link back to your site anyhow, so there’s no need to go double SEO on me. Any names that are obviously linkbait will be removed.

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